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About our company:

KUJO KOMPMANI DOO (MACEDONIA),  First Established march 2010 in Skopje, is an International Import/Export,  Re-Export and Trading Company dealing in various goods and commodities in the Global market and is also engaged in Business Set Up.

Our exposure and concrete connections in Africa will assist you or your company to effectively trade in the now emerging economy of Africa and help you and your organization to get a good foot hold in this emerging market. Our extensive professional network in Africa and around the Globe.

Our services are available anywhere requested, we offer:

Agricultural products all types of seeds.
Food products: White flour, Cane sugar, Refined oil, All kind of pasta, Rice, Beans, Soybeans all option delivery
Construction works and construction materials available anywhere in the world, In addition unprocessed crude oil and oil drilling and boring equipment. Gold bars and dust with certificates available quantity 1000kg monthly
Mining works and metallurgical works available everywhere. Port operations and container renting. Automotive parts.

In collaboration with:
Hazer International Holding, Turkey;
EURO NUR d.o.o . Montenegro;
AKI O.D. Serbia.

Forward to success with our team


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